Site Transformation!!!!

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Hello All,

I’m going to be transforming this into a music review site… Not just Dj music but all music from Progressive Metal to Country and everything in between. Come back in the coming months for my first reviews and more information!!!


Past Mixes

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Well here are my past mixes so that we can have these online as well.

This is the first one I’ve ever done using Serato Itch and the Numark NS6… I used the controller a total of maybe 10 minutes before deciding on making it

Serato Recording 1

And this is the second 30 minute mix I did with no bass to judge on and also the effects didn’t want to load… newest version of the software didn’t like me or my pc… anyway here it is.

Newest 30 Min Mix

I will have 2 more new mixes soon both for once planned… One is going to be old school hip hop and stuff that I used to play in Steamers yes when it was called that and not The Blue Lagoon… and the second is going to be all the old Electronic music I used to like to try to sneak into steamers before ppl thought Bangarang was cool and that type of music…. :) Hope you enjoy.

Halloween Drunken Mixes

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Sooooo as some may know I had a little get together in which I decided it would be a good idea to dj while drinking….This ended up being a few files which will be posted below in total of 3 Hours of music.. . There are some bad mixes, some bad effects overtop of stuff… Probably even some bad looping but… drinking and having drunken friends around who want to press buttons is pretty much impossible to have a perfect mix.. There are some classics and some song you may think.. WTF… but you would have to be there to understand :) and to those who were OH YEAH!!!!!.


FAKKKK (You will understand)

2 Hour Mix (Serato cut it off at 2 hours and started the last file)

Awesome (Or So I Thought)